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TheSecondFarm prizes on a random basis every month.

RankDonor nameLast donationTotal donated
1Kittypawsatu Resident275 L$1100 L$
2QueenBSwag Resident1000 L$1000 L$
3Songbirdnee Resident100 L$1000 L$
4MIckie Vasilia275 L$900 L$
5Foxnight Follet275 L$825 L$
6Mystyangel Resident25 L$425 L$
7Kimzilla69 Resident400 L$400 L$
8Chanasitsayo Resident275 L$300 L$
9lchynaal Resident300 L$300 L$
10AvaTresor Resident275 L$275 L$

When you donate, you receive a donation tree in minutes, please put it in your land to help us collect more funds.